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    设备用途:LED衬底,窗口材料,手机屏,军工领域,智能设备,大规模集成电路SOI SOS等等。

    Application: LED substrate, window material, cell phone screen, military industry, smart devices, large-scale integrated circuit (LSI), SOI and SOS etc.


    Theory: Kyropoulos method: In vacuum environment, melting aluminum oxide by heating the material with electric resistance, and guide the melting material with seed rod, employ  to pull finely to grow high quality optics level sapphire monocrystal.


    产品型号: Model:

    TDR85K-II:生长75 kg85 kg晶体 Grows 75kg-85kg ingot

    TDR120K:生长100 kg120 kg晶体 Grows 100kg-120kg ingot


     产品特点:Product feature

    1、      PLC全自动操作系统  


       1, PLC automatic operation system

    X2 technology platform, fully automated operation on growing process (except seeding), growing condition highly replicable;

    2、      精密提拉旋转机构

    2. Precision lifting and rotation mechanism


    Patent design, high precision control, smooth transfer, strong anti-interference ability, creates an excellent environment for crystal growing.

    3、      高稳定性热场

    High hot zone stability


    Precise control of temperature curve, advanced design of stimulation software, guarantee of the purity of raw material, minimization of thermal deformation, long working life.

    4、      高效水冷系统

    Highly efficient water cooling system


    Advanced design and manufacturing process, excellent cooling effect on chamber, low vibration.

    5、      PAC全自动操作程序

    PAC fully automated operation program


    Operated on touch screen, human-computer interface integrated with technics, be able to perform control, data storage, analyze functions remotely.


    产品优势:Product advantages:

    1、  缩短生长周期,比同类产品周期缩短2-3天。

    Reduce the growing cycle by 2-3 days comparing with other similar products.

    2、  优异的晶体质量,达到光学等级以上。

    Produce crystal that achieves optics quality.

    3、  低能耗

    Low energy consumption


    High stability on equipment and hot zone, repeated model, low wearing level, and energy consumption is more than 20% lower than other similar products.

    4、  高取材率

    High sample drawing rate


    With our mature manufacturing and crystal growing technology, the sample drawing rate is 70%.

    5、  研发优势

    R&D advantages


    Large scale R&D center enables continuous technical validation and innovation ensures the product and technology is mature and stay cutting-edge.

    6、  技术培训

    Skills training


    Own R&D center to test crystal growing, providing our clients with professional training on technique, operation and process.

    7、  安全性高

    High safety level


    Equipped with vacuum safety protection device, increases safety level.