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    The device uses a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition techniques, the deposition of silicon nitride material on different substrates of optical glass, silicon, quartz and stainless steel, a thin film of amorphous silicon and microcrystalline silicon for the preparation of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon thin film solar cell devices. It can be widely used in universities, research institutes and small batch preparation of thin film materials.


    The multi-chamber CVD sheet structure consisting of two in and out of the roomthree independent PECVD reaction chamberstructure is connected by a straight line, the workpiece transported through the transmission mechanism to the respective vacuum chamber process, between the vacuum chamber is connected with the gate valveThe system consists of a vacuum chambervacuumacquisition systemRF and VHF power supplyconsisting of a substrate heating temperature control system, air circuit systems, exhaust gas treatment systems, transmission and other parts.