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Vacuum storage Container

Vacuum  box  series


By  vacuumizing  a  closed  loop  box  to  the  required  vacuum  degree  so  as  to  be  applicable  to  the  storage  of  various  materials  which  need  to  avoid  moisture  and  oxidation, such  as  electronic components, chips, chemical materials, metallurgical powder, etc.


1.304 stainless steel, easy to operate, perfect airtight performance

2.Good appearance with simple structure<!---->

3.Use the watertight hinge and watertight buckles

4.Can reach -0.1 MPa  vacuum  degree, without leakage under vacuum

5.Non-standard vacuum boxes can be customs made as per users  requirements

Model & specifications

model           vacuum  chamber size      layer           vacuum  resistance       air  tightness        door material

JMZ-125       600520400                   single                                                                      toughened glass

JMZ-X-125    600520400                   2 or 3                  -0.1MPa                 no   leakage        toughened glass

JMZ-600       600520800                   single                                                                      stainless  steel

Vacuum  boxes  are  normally  non-standard  design